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What is a “tete-A-tete” style business?

This business style was suggested by Aleхey Khokhlatov. This special way of running a business is a compilation of various activities which implies a complete feeling of one’s own business without boredom of daily routine and arranging trivialities.

Are a business and an action the same?

Why not a business but an action? An English word “business” in a Russian translation means something connecting only with money. A formula “goods-money-goods” lacks some spirit of business and trade activities peculiar to the Russian business culture of XIXth century. That spirit implied nobility, business etiquette, social responsibility, charity, a power of a word etc. Business in sake for business is a wrong thing as well as money. Both are tools for realizing one’s dreams and achieving goals.

Money and business can’t be a life goal. A goal is a purchase bought for that money or a dream realized. But an ACTION is not only a goal like money but also a process - all that unites people and contributes to creative self realization and filling one’s life with happiness. A profit should be a tool but not a goal. Is an action bigger than a business? An action is not seeking money, it has a goal and tools combined. People’s interaction is more valuable than a profit.

Please, compare your associations when pronuncing two answers to the question: ”What do you do?” 1) “I am a businessman” and 2) “I am busy with actions”. The second answer is more vivid, right?

КомандаEach job connected with communication is interesting and important having various advantages (we should be objective: we cannot say - it is a good or bad job). Here we are not going to classify jobs by their level of importance.

Let us characterize the features of the “tete-a-tete” business.

  1. It is an action based not on the qualities of goods but on  person’s needs to be more perfect (happiness, efficiency, self realization, creativity, relaxation). 
  2. It’s people’s interaction or working in teams.
  3. It’s constructing long-term business and personal relationships.
  4. This activity is paper work and bureaucracy free.     
  5. It is for those who like communication.
  6. This job is well-paid - it is not a salary but a dividend.
  7. In this business psychology, motivation, commitment and training are very important.
  8. In this business all routine and paper work is done by the Company (a partner or an administrator).
  9. The efficiency totally depends on you.
  10. This activity is efficient if only you develop yourself.
  11. The main thing in managing our business is that it is arranged the way when it leads to new discoveries and makes your happier.

It may sound utopian, nevertheless, we are, step by step, getting to know this model better. In the long run, you will be able to asses if it meets all requirements.

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