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The principles of our training.

Training every new team member is based on our rich experience of tete-A-tete business approach. This method was founded by Alexey Hohlatov who has been applying it for more than 20 years.

Alexey Hohlatov - trainerThe principles of training:

Practicality – a training process is has an application feature and does not impose lots of theory to candidates.

Versatility - even a total beginner absorbs tete-A-tete principles of business creativity in no time.

Level - we do not deal with training basic skills of business interaction and IT skills.

Individuality - every visitor has their personal coordinator who checks a newcomer for a necessity to do a certain level of training.

Automation - a system key element- video trainings recorded beforehand. These help avoid total individual training every beginner.

Keeping a balance - it's impossible to automate a training process completely. By contrast, it's inefficient to convey all techniques orally. So, we keep a balance of both ways.

Phasing - as going through training levels, you will get an access to new, more advanced and detailed training schools.

Alexey Hohlatov - trainer

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