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Seven principles of managing a business in Tsar Russia’s times

Seven principles of managing a Russian business developed by entrepreneurs in 1912.


1.   Love and respect a person

Love and a respect towards a person from behalf of an entrepreneur is a guarantee of mutual love and understanding.

2.   Respect a right of private property

Free entrepreneurship is a base of a state’s wellness. A Russian entrepreneur, care about wellness of your Motherland. Keep other people’s private property safe as well as yours.

3.   Respect the authorities

The authorities are a necessary condition for successful managing a business. Respect legal authorities and their representatives.

4.   Live off your own budget

Do not be in red. Take an action you can manage. Always assess your capabilities. Act according to your budget.

5.   Be honest and frank

Honesty and being sincere are a base of entrepreneurship, a background of legal profit and mutual respect. Be honest, frank, merciful and kind.

6.   Keep your word

A businessman should keep their word. If you lie once, nobody will trust you. Success depends on how other people’s trust you.

7.   Be ambitious

Always have a clear goal ahead. Trying to achieve a dream goal, do not break ethical norms. No goal can be justified by broken moral values.  

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