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Our community principles

  • A principle of individuality

Everything is individual: what is good for one person, can be better for another one. So, business products, services, methods are not appointed according to grids but are supplied considering a particular case. 

  • A principle of sensible consumption

We are notaiming at selling more products or services to our confederate. Instead, we are trying to determine their necessary harmony for achieving an appropriate result. We call for following an ancient principle: ”All is poison as well as a benefit. It is the question of a measure.”

  • A principle of open rationality

The more you give into the world, the more gets back to you. So, the information about our business products, services, technologies and methods is available to everybody to the extent which brings good according to our previous principle.

  • The principle of unity and mutual interaction

The spirit of the business and the business of the spirit are in mutual connection. This tie is harmonious if the spirit is realized in corresponding particular actions and the action is responsible for spiritual laws. Goals and methods, a creator and a creation, intentions and actions – all are united.

  • A principle “A result is more important than a profit”

We have two criteria of successful activities: 1) a number of people satisfied by their social security and a stable life due to our business; 2) a volume of our products and services used. Our priority is a result for people.

We welcome all people who follow the above principles. We are happy to help and support you, we are ready to cooperate and we regard every new member of our community as a friend and this is for ever.

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